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Virtue Rotor SoftCycle^
Virtue Rotor SoftCycle

Virtue Rotor SoftCycle^

Part Number:11VIR20301
Your Price:$27.99
We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued
A high-performing, dual material drop-in upgrade for your Rotor. Designed to reduce jams and paint breakage, while providing smoother operation and consistency in your Rotor.
  • Ultra Soft Elastomer Arm: Softcycle arm flexes around jammed balls and allows them to drop into place and unjam themselves before you notice it.
  • Softer on Paint: Flexible elastomer regions are gentler on paint, reducing breakage in the hopper, especially with brittle paint.
  • Improved Jam-Clearance Ramp:  In the unlikely event of a jam, the Softcycle features an improved Jam-Clearance Ramp
  • Smooth Cycling Action: A simple drop-in upgrade designed for reliable, smooth consistent operation
  • Designed for Paint Only: The Virtue Softcycle is designed to improved performance with paint, Reballs not recommended.

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