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Virtue RF Kit for DYE Rotor Boards^
Virtue RF Kit for DYE Rotor Boards

Virtue RF Kit for DYE Rotor Boards^

Part Number:11VIR11251
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Upgrade your hopper and gun with Wireless RF technology.

  • Multi-Sensor Technology(patent pending)
  • Includes Two RF Modules & Rotor boost board
  • Performance Optimized
  • Plug-n-play Technology
  • Lifetime Warranty

Patent pending Multi-sensor technology seamlessly link the hopper and the gun, so it no longer has to guess when you're going to shoot or how much pressure to apply to the ball stack. Regular hoppers rely apply an unnecessary amount of pressure on the ball stack - reducing battery life and increasing the chance of paint breakage.

By using RF Modules, which plug into the hopper and in your gun board, your wireless RF setup becomes portable from gun to gun so you no longer have to buy new boards every time you change equipment. The Virtue RF modules will also link your gun and hopper with other future wireless upgrades now in development at Virtue.

The Virtue Rotor Boost Board is included with this kit to allow the RF to be usable with the Rotor board. Due to the lower voltage that the Rotor board operates on this board is required to use the RF with the Virtue Rotor Loader Board.

This RF kit works with the Rotor Virtue Loader board.


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