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The Future of the Eclipse Ego

Posted by Trevor Moss, President, Badlands Inc on 6/1/2011

There will be no Ego12. Is Planet discontinuing the world’s top tournament level marker?
In years past, we could expect a new release in the fall, and as we headed into the summer, Ego fans would hold off purchasing an Ego so that they could get the latest and greatest at the World Cup in October.
Planet Eclipse is taking a new approach this year. They are not discontinuing their flagship marker, but have instead decided to run with the current body shape of the Ego for another year. In their official press release, they had this to say:
"The EGO has been in a yearly cycle of new releases pretty much since the inception of the EGO platform in 2004. We feel the time is right to stop the annual revision to not only give R&D more time to develop and test new innovations but to also extend the life and value of the current model. The performance of the EGO11 has surpassed all of our expectations and the list of upgrades and improvements was going to be so small we have taken the decision not to launch an EGO12.
The EGO will stay as is now with the same great features and body shape until we feel the time is right for the next generation of EGO. This will not be determined by time or season but by research and development through innovation and passion. The EGO11 name will change at some point as we will be deleting the year stamp but the EGO name will continue!"
I personally welcome this change. Cars don’t change their body styles every year. Instead, the manufacturers tweak the design over a period of years while their engineers continue to design a new model that will bring significant change and innovation.
So, if you already own an Ego11, you don’t have to worry about your marker becoming outdated this fall. And, if you are thinking of buying a new Ego11, you can make your purchase with confidence knowing that your Ego will remain current for a very long time.
What do you think about this approach? Let us know – visit our Facebook page and tell us today!

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