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TechT Tippmann Cyclone Feed Squishy Paddles DS+
TechT Cyclone Feed Squishy Paddle

TechT Tippmann Cyclone Feed Squishy Paddles DS+

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TechT's Cylcone Feed Squishy Paddles® are designed to help players using any Tippmann Cyclone Feed eliminate ball breakage due to cold temperatures, brittle paint and high feed rates.

The New Double-Stack Feature allows for more balls to be in the bottom of the Cyclone Feed. By putting more balls in the bottom of the loader it means that fewer shots will be skipped.Along with the Double Stack top paddle, we also include the tried and true standard Squishy Paddle Top. You can't find another aftermarket set of paddles with three paddles! Only the TECHT Squishy Paddles give you the option of which top you want to use.

The Squishy Paddles are made from a much softer rubber than the stock A5, X7, 98, and Phenom Cyclone Feed Paddles. The Squishy Paddles have been designed to increase the amount of paddle surface area that actually touches each ball. This is accomplished though rounding all the edges on the paddles, molding each so that its as gentle on the paint as possible.

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