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Planet Eclipse GST Kit^
Planet Eclipse GST Kit

Planet Eclipse GST Kit^

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The GST Kit can be looked at as a 2-Part kit. The main part of the Kit is the Bolt and the Can. The Bolt and Can operate together to produce a much softer shot. It is softer in terms of Kick, Noise, and Paint Handling. They do this by reducing the speed at which the bolt travels in both the fore and aft direction. On the forward stroke the bolt accelerates away much more slowly, and combined with the new Bolt Face Design, loads the paintball much more slowly and gently into the barrel. As the bolt reaches the front of the stroke it passes over the main exhaust seal much slower, resulting in a slower, more controlled release of air. This makes the gun quieter, as well as making the gun feel as though it is kicking less. It is a noticeable difference over the standard Geo Bolt and Can. Other added benefits are reduced bumper wear, and in some cases, improved gas efficiency.

The second part of the kit is a combination of the Bolt and the Volume Restrictors. The face of the bolt has been designed so that there is zero vacuum formed between the bolt head and the internal Propshaft seals, making the shooting of Reballs /A-Balls /reusable balls much more reliable. The Volume Restrictors then allow the lowering of the velocity of the Geo, whilst still running the regulator pressure required to drive the bolt mechanism reliably.

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