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Grid Fighters and GFL Event 3, July 21-22, 2012

Posted by Navy Kim, GFL Player-Correspondant on 8/2/2012 to Tournaments and Big Games

Grid Fighters and GFL E3 at The X Sports Event 2!

Sunday July 22nd, 2012 - The X Sports Event 2 / GFL E3 has wrapped up another successful event.... and what a weekend it was! With our gear bags in the trunk, driving down the main strip of downtown Gananoque, windows down with “Ghost Busters” blaring from the radio, we were ready for another weekend of paintball. I had forgotten all about the excitement that paintball brought to my life before the GFL and Grid Fighters. The long road trips out of the GTA were always so bitter-sweet, but such is the life of a paintball player...

Saturday’s main event was the GFL Young Guns division tournament, where teams battled  it out in the heat in front of a crowd of proud parents and friends. It was very impressive to see the improvement within the teams from the first event to this third installment of the series. Players who had no prior tournament or speedball experience came out to put on a show for parents and spectators alike. Much more communication was being heard on the field, and prudent moves and better gun skills were both on display. Team Innocence, which also has the only girl on roster within the Young Guns division, proudly took the win for a second time in a row against Team GZ Armor. This Young Guns team is one to watch out for in the future. I hear rumors they may even make an appearance in the Young Guns division at the PSP World Cup in Florida!

The Semi-Pro Grid Fighters matches were played simultaneously on the 2nd field.  Pro division players watched closely for game pointers, and scouted key bunker positions for their own matches. The Red Dragons semi-pro team was dominant in all their matches, pulling an 18-6 score against Hull Elevation, an 11-4 win versus Raiders, and an 11-7 win versus the Hamilton team.

Sunday started with a hail of paint, with 6 Grid Fighters matches, and a full GFL Entry division tournament on the agenda. The GFL targets have been re-designed and positioned at much harder angles to shoot, and Sunday’s Pro Grid Fighters games brought the crowd and spectators intense action. Field position was definitely key to the game for this event. The most aggressive teams were able reach the 40 and 50 bunker positions, and  were the only teams who could eliminate at least 2 out of their 5 targets per quarter. The back bunkers were not the place to hang out for long if you wanted to be a contributing factor to your team’s final scores.

Crazy snake slides, crazier run-throughs, and non-stop action generated some ‘out of this world’ matches. With their unscrupulous style of play, Montreal FX has painted themselves as targets and have established themselves as one of the top teams to beat this season. After having eliminated all 5 of their targets in their 3rd quarter against Semper Fi, they were able to shut the gates on their opponents. Imagine trying to come out of a penalty box with 5 guns trained on your every move. Luckily, it was near the end of that quarter….

Cambridge Raiders, having had to play with a few players short, were still able to hold their own, but clearly had difficulties keeping  5 players on the field consistently. Not having their full 10 player roster present definitely hurt them in keeping key field position and ranking.

Scarborough Hustle, Gatineau Altitude and Semper Fi are still all within reach at this point. It is still up for grabs as to who can be the most consistent for the next event. Final scores; Toronto 10 vs. Semper Fi 11, Cambridge 2 vs. Gatineau 6, Montreal 13 vs. Toronto 10, Altitude 7 vs. Semper Fi 14, Toronto 7 vs. Cambridge 2, and Semper Fi 1 vs. Montreal 18. 

The new penalty rules being implemented will surely ensure teams are kept in line so they do not lose the points they worked so hard for. With a few tweaks to the rules and targets, this format has a lot of promise. It has surely kept the adrenaline and excitement level at an absolute high, thus far.

A special thanks to the referees. It was a super-hot weekend, and from the welt display, a super painful one, too. Big thanks also to Badlands for providing a complimentary Planet Eclipse accredited paintball tech, and of course Planet Eclipse and INKA for the support. Finally, big thanks to Marc and the GFL/Grid Fighters crew for making these events possible.

If you haven’t seen it in action yet, you will surely not want to miss the next, and last, event of the season of Grid Fighters. August 11th, 12th in Gananoque... see you there!

Your Friendly Badlands Correspondent,
Navy K.


For more info, please visit and



Navy Kim is a well-known & respected Ontario-based paintball player, with international experience playing for the Femmes Fatales. Navy currently plays in the Grid Fighters Pro Division with Gatineaux Altitude, and in the MXL with Woodstock Semper Fi.


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