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GFL Event #1, May 26-27, 2012

Posted by Navy Kim, GFL Player-Correspondant on 6/4/2012 to Tournaments and Big Games

GFL Event 1, May 26 – 27, 2012

GFL Event 1, 2012 is a wrap and what an event it was at Ground Zero Paintball in Gananoque, Ontario!! Arriving at the venue for the first time this season reminded me of how much I love this sport. Any self-proclaimed Xball players in the central division (I’d even go as far as saying eastern division) must have had experienced a weekend in this town.

This year, the Grid Fighters League has changed the prize structure to a cash purse won at each event. The GFL has also opened up the event to the future generation of paintballers by adding a Race2Three format for the Young Guns division. This division consists of players aged 16 and under, including 2 brackets: players of ages 14 to 16 in one bracket, and players 14 and under in the other.

The GFL Young Guns division was definitely a must to watch. With parents on the sideline carefully watching, players took their positions on the field, and fought all day throughout the intense heat. The eagerness to learn and excel really showed in these young players. By the end of Saturday, GZ Famous and GZ Crew were the victors, bringing home the cash prize. Convict and GZ Crew were tied in points for, points against, therefore +/- as well.  Both teams had 9 points for, and 7 points against, leaving the decision to games played. GZ Crew had 2 wins, 1 tied, and 1 lost game. Convicts had 2 wins and 2 losses, rendering GZ Crew the victor of the second bracket.

Sunday, was the very much anticipated GFL Entry Event 1. We saw very close games all day, with some very impressive game-breaker moves. Bracket 1 in the morning went very quickly, with most of the games ending with more-than-half the time remaining on the game clock. The victor of this bracket was team Hellions, who dominated all morning, winning all but one game 3-nil. By game seven in the afternoon, the second bracket of the division had a 3-way tie. Teams in this bracket had to wait for the last game between Toronto Hectic and Northside Syndicate, to determine the winner.

Highlights of the weekend:

·         We witnessed a young guns player calling the “mercy” rule on an opponent (who complied by the way), and an entire young guns team conceding a point, having run out of paint in their pods and hopper during a drawn out point.

·         Cleveland Steamrollers, in the entry division, fought very hard and won more than a 1 vs. 3, displaying the most experienced players, although they were a little too eager at times, making very aggressive moves, which ultimately lost them points at the most crucial moment.

·         Force 10 also deserves an honourable mention. New to this format, they were made a great impression by their demeanour on, and off, the field. Having lost 2 players the night before the event, they still showed up ready to play, and luckily picked up 2 ringers the morning of. They learned from their mistakes, and adapted to the game, and went on to take 2nd place in their bracket, losing by only a two point difference to Hectic, who took the cash-money home!

Next event should prove very interesting indeed, with the teams better matched up in their brackets, based on the ranking of this event. It will surely be an event to attend, as it will be hosted by The Xsports in Gananoque, Ontario.

I would like to thank the teams and parents who travelled the long roads to Gananoque, our host Ground Zero paintball, as well as Planet Eclipse for the wonderful onsite sales and tech support, and INKA for the paint which shot amazingly well and straight in such heat.

I can’t wait to see you all in June for GFL Event 2 and the official release of Grid Fighters at the first X Sports Event in Gananoque!! Book your Hotel now - you won’t want to miss a minute of this action packed weekend.

Your Friendly Badlands Correspondent,
Navy K.

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Navy Kim is a well-known & respected Ontario-based paintball player, with international experience playing for the Femmes Fatales. Navy currently plays in the Grid Fighters Pro Division with ‘Gatineaux Altitude’, and in the MXL with ‘Woodstock Semper Fi’.

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