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Empire Freeway Anti-Jam
Empire Freeway Anti-Jam

Empire Freeway Anti-Jam

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Empire Paintball’s Freeway Anti-Jam system will work with any Halo, ReloaderB, B2, and Magna Loader. The revised detent system elimates the old bead and spring with a soft rubber nubbin that allows paint to flow more smoothly and without popcorning up into the loader. Because it is easier on paint, it is easier to shoot brittle paint without making it a soopy mess in your loader.
  • Fits all Halo B, Halo V35, Reloader B, Reloader B2 and Magna drive loaders
  • Superior performance with paint and Reballs
  • Faster and more consistent feeding
  • Significantly reduced jams with bad paint, Reballs, or low batteries
  • Designed for use with and approved by the manufacturer of Reballs
  • Replaces both of the old spring and bead anti jams systems
  • Easy drop in replacement
  • Allows you to set the Magna clutch to be even more gentle for brittle paint
  • Used by top tournament teams

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