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Berkley Digital Hanging Scale^
Berkley Digital Scale

Berkley Digital Hanging Scale^

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CO2 tanks are filled by weight, not pressure, so in order to safely fill a CO2 tank, you have to use a scale. The Berkley Digital Hanging Scale does the job accurately and with ease.
Before filling your CO2 tank, make sure you weigh it empty. Record this weight. Then fill your tank until you have added the correct amount of CO2 based on the size of your tank. For example, a 12oz tank holds 12oz of liquid CO2, so if you tank weighs 2 lbs empty, it will weigh 2 lbs 12 oz full.
  • If you overfill your tank, make sure to drain off the extra CO2 right away or your burst disk could blow and potentially cause serious injury.
  • Never overfill any tank.
  • Filling CO2 tanks can result in injury if proper precautions are not taken.
  • Always wear safety goggles when filling any CO2 tank
  • Inspect the tank for damage prior to filling, and do not fill if tank shows signs of damage
  • Do not fill tanks that have passed their expiry date
  • Always wear heavy leather gloves when filling CO2 tanks to avoid potential frostbite like burns from liquid CO2.

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