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BT Pod Pouch 2+3 Tan^
BT Pod Pouch 2+3 Tan

BT Pod Pouch 2+3 Tan^

Part Number:13KEE36556
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BT 2 + 3 Pod Pouch

This is a modular MOLLE 2+3 pouch.  The BT 2+3 Pod Pouch has two strapped-in pouches for pods and three elastic loops for extra capacity.

  • Has additional MOLLE on the outside to attach more pod pouches on top of it!
  • MOLLE straps with snaps and Velcro for stability
  • Plastic insert inside pod closures add structure and quick access to pods
  • Custom BT micro injected TPR pull tabs for easy access to the tubes
  • Holds up to 5 pods!
  • Available in Woodland Digi and Tan

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