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BT Bi-pod^
BT Bi-pod

BT Bi-pod^

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Have you ever been in the dense brush and waiting for your enemy to make the first move? Ever want to put your marker down while remaining steadfast, ready to strike?   You need the BT Paintball Barrel Bipod so you can hit your target with the first shot.  The BT Bipod mounts directly to any BT M-16 style barrel kit, or with the BT Bipod Adapter (sold separately) to fit additional barrels. The spring loaded legs make this paintball gun bipod the ultimate, steady, firing platform for precision shots everytime.

With the BT paintball gun bipod you can easily mount your weapon low to the ground or on a wall, providing you added stability and security while reducing unwanted motion in a combat situation.

Many paintball gun bipods claim to increase accuracy, but none have been Battle Tested like the BT Bipod. The folding bipod opens quickly, so you can open, lock on the target and fire within seconds. Whether you choose the BT M-16 Barrel Kit or the BT M-16 Barrel Kit with APEX for use with your bipod, you can bet your enemy will be heading back to the base with a body full of paint.


  • Mounts directly to any BT M-16 style barrel kit
  • Opens quickly and provides added stability for combat situations
  • Two spring loaded legs

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