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BT A5 1913 20" Barrel Kit^
BT A5 1913 20" Barrel Kit

BT A5 1913 20" Barrel Kit^

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BT 1913 Barrel


The BT 1913 paintball barrel is the ultimate mil sim choice for the extreme woodsball player. This barrel system fits the BT-4, BT-16, and A-5 markers. The BT 1913 barrel system is available in 14”and 16” lengths and fit the BT-16 markers. In addition, the 1913 barrel system is available in 14” and 20” lengths for the A-5 and BT-4 markers.

These realistic barrels feature a removable barrel shroud and multi-option picatinny rail mounts that delivers precision when you need it most. The BT 1913 barrel will give you extreme accuracy and an added 10-15 feet of distance that will quickly earn you the nickname, “sniper”.

Whether you are looking to add distance to your shots or for a realistic look and feel, the BT 1913 barrel is for you.


§  Multi-Option Picatinny Rail Mount

§  Mil-Sim

§  Realistic Removable Barrel Shroud

§  Fits A-5/BT-4 in 20”

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