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Angel A1 and Fly STR Ram^
Angel A1 and Fly STR Ram

Angel A1 and Fly STR Ram^

Part Number:05WDPA115171
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We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued
This ram is for the A1 and Fly only.

 The new STR ram comes in both Angel A1 & Fly and ARK configurations.

Featuring a super fat 10mm straight bore rod made from marine grade stainless steel,  the STR ram  is the new beating heart of the next generation Angel A1 Fly SE and AR:K models.

Due to the new bore design gas is no longer lost in the forward stroke creating  a valuable gas saving on each cycle.

This combined with a lighter hammer mass makes the STR the most air efficient  Angel ram to date.

Built, not to require any regular maintenance the STR Ram is now completely manufactured and assembled in the U.K. to the most stringent standards and will operate at over 30 cycles a second.

Incredibly the STR Ram is priced the same as the previous standard ram as Angel has absorbed the  increased cost of components and U.K. assembly.


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