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A-Balls - Box 2000^
A-Balls - Box 2000

A-Balls - Box 2000^

Part Number:20WDPABALLS2000
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We no longer stock this item / Item has been discontinued

Aballs are the second generation soft rubber balls from the founder of Reball. Use them to play paintball, run drills, or for target practice. They are great when you want to use your paintball marker but have to avoid making a mess.

  • Aballs are re-usable. Always rinse with water after each use and let them dry before re-using them.
  • Aballs are lighter that an ordinary paintball (0.25 grams) and soft.
  • Aballs donīt need any lubrication!
  • Aballs can be shot up to 700 times if used correctly.
  • Aballs feed as fast as paintballs in any hopper.
  • Aballs are made in Sweden.
  • Aballs are 0.67 caliber.

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